What is a tennis bracelet?

What is a tennis bracelet?

By Heidi Kjeldsen - 30th June 2021

In 1987 the Ladies’ Tennis Champion Chris Evert lost her Diamond bracelet which she was sporting during the US Open. The match was postponed until she found her valuable bracelet, a flexible band of Diamonds and Gold. The ordeal sparked an almost immediate craze for these elegant items of jewellery, referred to affectionately as ‘tennis bracelets’. Chris Evert may not have been the first to wear such a piece but unknowingly from that time onwards she gave rise to their popularity.

Given their elegance and value ‘tennis bracelets’ are not suitable jewellery to wear during a sporting event, as highlighted by the story. Instead consider giving a Diamond tennis bracelet made from Platinum or 18 carat Gold as a precious gift for your loved one. Anniversaries or birthdays could call for such an elegant gift…available in all sizes and in white Gold, yellow Gold or Platinum, with the grade and size of Diamonds to suit you.

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