Pearl Restringing

pearl restringing

Pearls can look radiant for a lifetime and beyond when looked after well.  Especially if you wear them regularly, it's vital to protect your pearl jewellery from possible damage or loss.
Over time as silk attracts dirt, your beloved pearls can look unsightly as well as fray.  The best way to maintain their exquisite beauty and value is to annually restring them.
Renowned for her expertise in pearls, Heidi personally restrings all pearl jewellery using silk and knots to protect their delicate surface.

Once restored, you will see how beautifully your pearls shine once again.
Heidi's pearl restringing service is available to every customer, whether through visiting our Oakham showroom or via insured special delivery. Your pearl jewellery will be handled with the utmost care until it is returned good as new.
To find out more about restringing your pearls to their former glory, contact the team at Heidi Kjeldsen today.