Aquamarine: Serene Beauty from the Depths of the Seas.


Aquamarines are part of the Beryl family of gemstones, which also included Emeralds and Morganites. Aquamarines are known for their beautiful pale blue to light green colourways. They are highly sought after and prized, especially ones with excellent clarity and colour.

Curved Diamond Wedding Ring by Heidi Kjledsen Ltd R1792, R1719@2x
Rectangle 568@2x
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Popular with royalty and throughout history, these gemstones are known for keeping you safe on your sea going adventures and some believe they prevent illnesses. "Aqua" in Latin means water and "marina" is of the sea. Mainly found and mined in Brazil, although Africa and the U.S.A also have a good supply.

Hardness on the Moh's scale of 7.5-8 so although not as hard as a Sapphire or a Ruby, it is eminently suitable for an engagement ring or dress ring. A March birthstone, 19th anniversary and the stone for Pisces.

We have a delightful collection of Aquamarine jewellery available and can source beautiful stones too.

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