Ring Resizing

When purchasing a Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd ring, Heidi includes free ring resizing to the correct finger size. When you have placed an order for a ring, and if you do not know the finger size required, Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd will send you a free ring sizer in order that you can measure the correct size in the convenience of your own home.  If you already know the finger size please inform Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd who will ensure the ring is sized correctly prior to despatch to you. If the ring is to be a surprise gift then the ring will be sent to you with a free ring sizer and the ring may be returned to Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd, after it has been presented and with your instructions for the necessary resizing.  It will then be returned to you resized as per your instructions.

If you need to discuss ring sizing please telephone or email heidi@heidikjeldsen.co.uk for further information. Also, please note that if the ring resizing required is substantially different from that of the existing jewel then ring may have to be remade in order that it curves correctly around the finger, without unduly stressing the gemstone or diamond settings.

If this is the case we will inform you of any additional costs which may be incurred due to fluctuating metal and gemstone prices at that point in time.

To see just a few of the beautiful bespoke ring designs which Heidi can create please visit the bespoke rings page of the website. Many of Heidi's jewellery pieces are completely bespoke being produced in her CAD (computer aided design) studio, this allows you to become involved in the creative process when commissioning a ring which will be entirely bespoke to you. The design can be viewed on CAD and suggestions can be made before the piece of jewellery is begun. Please ask about this service.

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