The Competition “To Win A Diamond Necklace”

The Competition “To Win A Diamond Necklace”

By Heidi Kjeldsen - 8th October 2013

Competition Pondering…

I was wondering as to how best to highlight my business and inform people as to what it is that I do.  It came to my team and I that a competition would engage our existing clients, and also use my social media Twitter  and Facebook  to raise the profile of the Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd, as well as hopefully being of interest to those social media contacts too.

I carefully selected a Diamond that I would give away in the Competition; it had to be of high quality (as that is what we aim to provide at all times) as you will see from my Website, and made beautifully in 18ct white gold to maximise its sparkle and gleam.  The Diamond is set in a classic mount, yet with a modern twist which I think you will agree will stand the test of time, which is another aspiration of my jewellery.

We set the Diamond in our workshop, and selected a sparkling 18ct white gold chain which sets the pendant off wonderfully.  Finally it had to be professionally photographed, so I chose Dean’s St Photography Studios. They have taken all of the photographs for my website and also for all my publicity.  I find that they offer a friendly and reliable service which is superb, and so here it is all beautifully photographed…


I subsequently asked a fantastic Oakham based firm of graphic designers and printers, Think Digital, to produce all the artwork for me, which you will see advertised in various quality magazines such as the Rutland & Market Harborough Living and Lincolnshire & Rutland Pride.

Wishing you the best of luck in winning this lovely necklace and I look forward to announcing the winner on Christmas Eve at 4pm.


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