Garnet – January’s Birthstone is Full of Mystery….

Garnet – January’s Birthstone is Full of Mystery….

By Heidi Kjeldsen - 2nd January 2021

Before we delve into the mysterious world of January’s birthstone, Garnet, I would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year and to thank you for your support and custom, for which I am extremely grateful.

The word Garnet is from the Latin Granatus, meaning Pomegranate. It refers to the “deep red” of Garnet, being synonymous to the luscious fruits of the Pomegranate.  It seems appropriate to have Garnet as the birthstone for January as it feels ripe with promise and full of hope, much needed right now. Garnet is also the gemstone for a second Wedding Anniversary present, for which these same attributes apply.

Garnet’s Myriad of Colours…

Garnet, this lovely January birthstone, occurs in a rainbow of diverse colours; deep Claret red, rust red, orange, yellow, purple, pink and also beautiful vibrant greens.  Each hue possesses a beautiful, ancient and individual natural chemical composition creating that specific colour.

Tsavorite is a rare form of Garnet which is green.  This ring is made in Platinum and has a Diamond either side of the oval Tsavorite and as January's birthstone is a perfect gift.
Tsavorite, a vibrant green Garnet and Platinum ring.

The Mystical meanings of Garnet, January’s Birthstone…

Worn by some to alleviate feelings of guilt, depression, anger and physical inflammation, Garnets are magical too…

The Science Behind the Colours of Garnet…

Found all over the World, Garnets are technically a group of several minerals, each with their own properties.  The GIA education site will allow you to explore the Science in detail.

Softer than Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and Diamonds, Garnets measure 6.5 – 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, and so should be stored away from those harder gemstones. Ideally, Garnet jewellery should be worn as dress rings, pendants or earrings so that they receive less wear and tear, and thus preserve their beauty.  Conversely, softer gems such as Pearls, Opals, Moonstones or Tanzanites will be scratched by Garnets so I recommend proper jewellery boxes for storing your jewellery such as Stackers which work well in a safe, and I believe they have a sale on now!

A beautiful pinkish oval Rhodalite Garnet is surrounded by Diamonds in this oval cluster ring makes a gorgeous January birthstone gift.
Pretty Rhodalite Garnet and Diamond cluster ring
Cleaning your Garnet Jewellery…

Cleaning your January birthstone, Garnet is easy with a soft brush and warm soapy water.  Razzle Dazzle® is sadly no longer available in this country and our stocks are low, but we have discovered Connoisseurs® Dazzle sticks and have just started to stock these at the reasonable price of £9.99 each.  These portable cleaning sticks have the perfect soft brush and jewellery detergent combined to make your gems really sparkle. Please enquire if you would like to order them as we have yet to add them to our website. Professional cleaning of Garnet using an ultrasonic cleaner is possible, but not steam cleaning.

Conclusions on Garnet…

Garnets of high lustre, clarity, superb colour and of a beautiful cut are highly desirable gemstones which can be very attractive indeed.  The positive meanings attributed to them, as well as being naturally beautiful, all make Garnet jewellery wonderful personal gifts which will bring years of pleasure.

Why not consider purchasing a Garnet the next time you decide to invest in a piece of jewellery?

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