Excitement builds in the quest for the perfect Christmas gift

Excitement builds in the quest for the perfect Christmas gift

By Heidi Kjeldsen - 9th December 2021

As Christmas excitement starts to snowball all around us, please allow me to extend a promise. You will have ample time to linger, consider at length and revel in shopping for the perfect gifts from Heidi Kjeldsen jewellery, whether you prefer to browse online from the cosy comfort of home, or to bundle up against the cold to treasure-hunt in person.

There’s such great joy to be had in a leisurely, thoughtful quest for the perfect Christmas gift, and in threading your way from boutique to boutique, buoyed on by carol singers and the twinkling lights of local shopkeepers’ displays. This is why I’m delighted to be joining my neighbouring stores in Mill Street, Oakham for three magical late-night shopping events. I invite you to step inside my candle-lit store Tonight (Thursday, December 9th), 16th and 23rd (and also on Monday December 13th), as this thriving shopping quarter celebrates and prepares for Christmas together. Mill Street is peppered with numerous independent boutiques, all of which will be overflowing with gifts and the promise of delighted faces on Christmas Day.

For friends, for family, for the love of your life

Visit my store, or browse online, for Christmas presents of every shape, size and budget. Heidi Kjeldsen proudly offers affordable, elegant keepsakes for your closest friends, alongside those dazzling pieces of luxury jewellery for which we are famed. Sparkling Diamond tennis bracelets, Diamond earrings, lustrous Pearls and breathtaking Engagement Rings for unforgettable Christmas or New Year proposals, are all signature Heidi Kjeldsen treasures. 

Christmas jewellery just for you

Add a sensational flourish to your party outfits with a piece of jewellery from my 2021 ‘Spruce Jewellery Collection.’ Spruce is inspired by a wintery palette of golds, snow whites, icy blues and pale pinks, and comes crafted with jewels, precious metals and gemstones including Diamonds, Rose Quartz, Pearls, Rose Gold, Citrine and Glass. Want to share your Christmas gift list ideas with someone? Use the ‘Wish List’ feature on the Heidi Kjeldsen website to collate and show them all of your heart’s desires. 

Heidi Kjeldsen Christmas opening times and special events

Thursdays (9th, 16th, 23rd): Mill Street late-night shopping by candle light

Monday, December 13th: exclusive late-night shopping at the Heidi Kjeldsen store

Sundays (12th, 19th): 10 am to 12 noon

Christmas Eve: last-minute gifts will be available for collection from the Heidi Kjeldsen store

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