Create something magical with Heidi using CAD in time for Christmas

Create something magical with Heidi using CAD in time for Christmas

By Heidi Kjeldsen - 27th September 2016

Light up the eyes of a loved one this Christmas with an elegantly gift wrapped and exquisite piece of jewellery. Sparkling diamonds, high quality gemstone pieces or highly desirable pearl jewellery will be the thoughtful gift which proves to be truly memorable this year.

Create a bespoke gift for a loved one this Christmas like this beautiful ring at Heidi Kjeldsen's CAD studio

You can also have a hand in creating the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one by commissioning Heidi to design a bespoke piece of jewellery to make your present personal.

At Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd we have a full Computer Aided Design (CAD) service whereby it is possible for you to see your design from our initial sketches, through a full rendered animation (a lifelike photographic quality image), to the finished article.

Your input along this special path can offer a unique opportunity to include some truly personalised elements, whether it be by choosing to add the recipient’s birthstone, by remaking an existing piece into a new and more desirable design, or by suggesting your own design and configuration of their favourite gemstones and precious metals used.
You may have a photograph of something you think the recipient would love, or a sketch of your own ideas which Heidi can then advise upon and help create. A visit to Heidi¹s Mill Street Showroom can really capture the imagination and inspire you. Awash with fine sparkling jewellery, all lovingly handcrafted to exacting precision, the sumptuous Oakham showroom can help to guide you prior to creating the ultimate gift.

In order to fulfil your desires in time for Christmas Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd can take orders for new commission pieces until the end of October, so call in soon to start the ball rolling with an extra special unique gift.


If you prefer to view the myriad of glittering jewels and individual designs that are already available to purchase, you can do so at your leisure online by visiting the secure website, or by arranging a private appointment to choose something special, or feel free to simply pop in if you are passing the showroom.

Here are Heidi’s 5 top tips to consider when buying or making jewellery for someone you love.

  1. Remember that a bespoke piece of quality jewellery will always hold value better than a mass produced branded piece, and it will become an asset for the recipient which should appreciate in value if treated with a care and attention.
  2. It helps if you bring any ideas of what you are looking for with you to the shop when commissioning a bespoke piece using the CAD service we provide.
  3. Consider the style and personality of the recipient for inspiration for jewellery that they will most appreciate.
  4. Purchase a piece that has a timeless quality rather than a one off fashion statement; that way you will ensure that it is loved and passed on through the generations, and brings much pleasure forever.
  5. Always keep your invoice as proof of purchase when buying fine jewellery, and keep it in a safe place. All paperwork will be considered should anything happen to a piece of jewellery, along with a current New Replacement Valuation by a Registered NAJ (National Association of Jewellers) Valuer. Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd offers a secure, confidential Valuation service for your existing jewels, and all items purchased from Heidi Kjeldsen have a complimentary Valuation Portfolio for your insurance purposes. You will also benefit from a lifetime checking and jewellery cleaning service which is gratis.

I am always happy to offer advice or suggestions to you when buying or making gifts for a loved one, and I look forward to seeing you in my Oakham showroom soon.

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