Everlasting love, Tove is our Love Knot Collection, inspired by a Viking shield.
Heidi Kjeldsen Stylish Sterling Silver Viking Love Knot Large Pendant - P1230- Model


Inspired by...

Inspired by the formidable Viking shield, Tove is our timeless love knot collection of gold and silver jewellery. Each piece, crafted as a never-ending loop of precious metal, symbolises the eternal and unbreakable bond of love, reflecting a profound sense of unity and unwavering commitment. With its intricate design and rich symbolism, Tove's jewellery captures the essence of love's enduring strength and deep connection, making it a cherished testament to the power of love.

Silver Loveknot Ring Heidi Kjeldsen Jewellery R1750 front

Inspired by the formidable Viking shield, Heidi has designed Tove, a collection of love knots to symbolise never ending love.

Heidi Kjeldsen Elegant Viking Love Knot Gold Earrings - ER2352-model

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