Flatteringly Feminine Murano glass jewellery

Flatteringly Feminine Murano glass jewellery

By Heidi Kjeldsen - 14th April 2016

Murano glass has been around for centuries in different forms and many of the methods and styles of creative glass originate from the small cluster of islands set in the Venetian Lagoon.

Heidi Kjeldsen Jewellery Murano Glass Jewellery BeadsFrom the 13th century, Murano was internationally renowned as the centre responsible for cutting edge techniques when working with glass. At one time Murano craftsmen were the only Europeans capable of manufacturing mirrors.

It was in the 19th century that a new era was heralded for Murano glass. Following the creation of the first new glass furnace there for hundreds of years, Murano glassware was showcased in England at a world exhibition in London in 1862. Colourful chalcedony glass products won international acclaim and from this point onwards the glass industry of Murano thrived on the fruits of its creative prowess.

The delicate nature of Murano glass and the way it captures natural light makes it a perfect and sumptuous choice for Spring and Summer jewellery. It possesses a natural quality which can make it appear to sparkle from within.  Drops and swirls of striking colour can also show the delicate beads’ floral appearance which compliments the flavour of the season beautifully.

To create these exquisite little glass beads Heidi requires a keen eye and a steady hand. There are different creative techniques which can be used, but the method which allows Heidi to incorporate the most artistic flair into her beads involves a technique called Lampworking.

Firstly Heidi melts a rod of Murano glass onto a metal mandrel (a stainless steel straight wire) and forms the desired bead shape by a constant rotation of the mandrel by hand. Heidi then melts various coloured rods of Murano glass and adds the dots, swirls and other patterns into the hot glass bead whilst it is still soft.

The real beauty of this technique is the  endless choice of colours and designs which can be explored, each jewellery piece having its own distinctive style, from flatteringly feminine to head-turning glamour.

Heidi Kjeldsen Jewellery Murano Glass Melting Glassrods
Heidi melts the Murano glass rods ready
to create the desired bead shape.

At www.heidikjeldsen.co.uk and in our Mill Street Showroom we are currently showcasing the Eden Collection, inspired by the floral beauty of a luxurious garden, which contains many Murano glass pieces created by Heidi, all different in style and design.

Awash with contemporary chic, the Murano glass pieces Heidi designs range from stylish necklaces to matching bracelets and earrings, every piece featuring Venetian glass meticulously handcrafted by Heidi herself.

For an original gift Murano beads can be blended with a row of velvety pearls, or simply designed alone set onto Gold or Silver chains. Either way, they offer a dazzling look which will be loved forever.

You can buy Heidi Kjeldsen Murano glass jewellery online here, or to find out more about our unusual bespoke designer jewellery please call our Oakham showroom on 01572 722 666.

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