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Why we ask for appointments
In the world of fine jewellery, each piece is more than just an accessory; it is a symbol of artistry, personal expression, and timeless elegance. At...
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Becoming a greener business
We recycle our customers’ Gold, upon request, into bangles and other pieces of jewellery, and wherever possible we recommend recycling jewellery or upcycling it, thereby enhancing...
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The ultimate guide to Pearl Necklaces
Can pearl Necklaces get wet? Ideally not. Pearls are porous and are made up of concentric layers of Nacre and Conchiolin, an organic compound similar to...
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When The Rutland Sea Dragon™ came to Mill Street
In the summer of 2022, something special came to Mill Street Oakham. A beautiful commissioned anamorphic 3D image of the Rutland Sea Dragon™ by world renowned...
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Our fundraising
This year Heidi and her amazing colleague Sara are raising money for Blood Cancer UK. Support Sara running her 4th London marathon in April, as well as...
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Supporting Local Projects
Heidi Kjeldsen is committed to supporting the local community and local charities. Heidi champions worthy causes such as Rainbows, Compassion and the Mindfulness Garden at Oakham Fire Station, as well...

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